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  • Americans with Disabilities Act
    Visit the homepage
    Download PDF > ADA Standards for Accessible Design (this is the latest version of the federal guidelines)

  • Securing Your School, from Allegion, PDF
  • Architectural Door/Frames Abbreviations and Symbols
  • Hinges: Everything you need to know
  • Surface Mounted Door Closers, PDF
  • Concealed Floor Closers, PDF 
  • Questions about Thresholds and Gasketing?, PDF



Common abbreviations:


AHO - Automatic hold open
AC - Alternating current
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA Standards for Accessible Design (PDF link)
AHJ - Authority Having Jurisdiction
AMP - Ampere
BC - Backcheck
BF - Barrier Free
C - Common
CWF - Cold weather fluid
DA - Delayed action
DC - Direct current
DPDT - Double pole double throw
EL - Fail safe
ELS - Extended length spindle
EU - Fail secure
F - Fire rated
FS - Fail safe
FSE - Fail secure
G - Ground
HO - Hold open
LAP - All Parts
NC - Normally closed
NFS - Non-fail safe
NHO - Non hold open
NO - Normally open
RX - Request to exit
SC - Sealed Closer
SHO - Selective hold-open
SPDT - Single pole double throw
SPLO - Special Layout
SPST - Single pole single throw
V - Volt